React Native SDK

LivePinch provides a React SDK that you can integrate with your react-native application, and with minimal effort start tracking user. LivePinch Module provides following features.

  • Track users
  • Track any named application events
  • Track application launches, screen views, sessions, uninstallations and other user activity
  • Send push notifications and track user interactions with push notifications

Tracking Users


LivePinch SDK automatically assigns unique id for the users once our sdk initialized. These auto generated id’s are anonymous where it is used to bind with user’s events or pageviews. However you can assign unique identifier for your users using following method.

var livepinch = new LivePinch();

profile_key must of be of type String. If it is not so, please ensure .toString() is called before the argument is passed into login method. If you�re using several SDK�s to track users across devices. Please ensure you use uniform identfiers as profile_key

The usual places to call above method are

  • User signup
  • User login

the identifier provided above remains unchanged until ‘logged out’ method is called.


Logout must be called when the user logs out of your system or his session times out. When a logout is called. A new anonymous user is created and returning user is tracked under this anonymous Id.


Set User Attributes

You can set arbitrary attributes for a given profile. See Profiles section for details on the attributes.LivePinch SDK provides setters for assigning these attributes.

For Single Attribute:

livepinch.user.setAttribute("first_name", "siva");

For Multiple Attributes:

   first_name: "John",
   last_name: "Doe",
   gender: "male",
   custom_variable: 25.5,
   membership_level: "GOLD"

Set UTM Parameters

Manually you set UTM Parameters which will be used for profile’s acquisistion details and track all events with these details.

var livepinch = new LivePinch();
 source: "google",
 medium: "email",
 keywords: "offers",
 content: "content",
 term: "term",
 campaign: "camp"

Tracking Events

Events are discussed in detail in the Events section. Please be sure to understand how events are tracked.

Track any custom event the user performs with track event, The first argument is a string, Must be the name of the event, Second attribute is an object containing any arbitrary set of attributes and values that can be associated with this event.

Track event by name

livepinch.track.event("Product Page Viewed");

Track Event along with attributes

livepinch.track.event("Added to Cart", {
  "Product Id": 23535,
  "Product Category": "shoes",
  "Product Color": "red",

Tracking Screen Views

In order to track screen views.

You need to add following lines of codes in whichever screens you want to track.

livepinch.track.pageView("Main Page");

Install Tracking

For Android, implement setup instructions for Setup Android Install Tracking,