LivePinch Allows you to send rich, deeply personalized SMS with flexible scheduling options. For this, LivePinch integrates with external providers. This document briefly describes the operation of sms subsystem.

Add SMS Provider

LivePinch currently integartes with only Solution Infini

To add a new SMS Provider

  • Navigate to Account > SMS
  • Click on New button on the top right
And fill up the details for the SSP
  • Provide it with a label
  • Fill up credential data

Create an SMS

  1. To Create an email, Click on SMS > SMS
  2. Click on New SMS
  3. Choose Promotional or Transactional depending on whether SMS is promotional or transactional ( See notes on promotional vs transactional )
  4. In case of promotional message, choose whether the sendout is Normal (Single), Split or A/B Test Sendout
  5. Choose name for the sms and Finish
../_images/email-create-1.png ../_images/email-create-2.png

Compose SMS


The main components SMS Editor inteface (Shown Above) are

  1. SMS Preview section on iPhone and Android
  2. Message Tabs, In case of multi-message SMS, you can add upto 5 messages (Split, A/B Sendouts) or just a single message in
  3. SMS Text Section, Enter text here
  4. Personalizer tool, select the personalizing parameter to apply
  5. Settings and Schedule Section
  6. Save and Exit message