LivePinch Allows you to send rich, deeply personalized emails with flexible scheduling options. For this, LivePinch integrates with external providers. This document briefly describes the operation of email subsystem.

Add Email Provider

LivePinch currently integrates with following providers

  • Amazon SES
  • Elastic
  • SMTP

To add a new email provider

  • Navigate to Account > Emails
  • Click on the drop down menu on the right extreme
  • Click on Add New ESP
Profile Overview

Choose one of ESP’s shown

Profile Overview
And fill up the details for the ESP
  • Provide it with a label
  • Fill up credential data
  • Optionally add custom headers, See Custom Headers Section for a more detailed discussion
Profile Overview

Unsubscription Page

LivePinch provides basic support for custom unsubscription pages, both single and double opt-outs are supported. To setup an unsubscription page, Navigate to Account > Emails click on the dropdown menu on right section, then click on Unsubscription page

Profile Overview Email Unsubscription

Here is the description of components for Unsubscription Page Editor

  1. Tabs to switch between design of Initial Unsubscription page and Confirmation Page Confirimation page only applies to Dual Optout Unsubscription pages
  2. Edit Confirmation Page part of unsubscription page
  3. The content area, that shows a preview of the edits made
  4. Flag to setup Double Opt Out for unsubscription page
  5. If this flag is selected, User will be asked to enter his email in a text box
    before unsubscription succeeds.
  6. Raw HTML for a custom form, which user will need to fill before unsubscription completes
  7. Design Section, Here you will able to customize, font and background colors for the unubscription page before unsubscription succeeds.

Upload Email Templates

You can upload custom HTML Templates for emails as a zip file. The zip file must be self contained with all the images an html file. The uploaded template can be reused several times with various other emails.

Here is how the zip whatever file should be structured.
  • Its OK to have images in any folder you like and reference in the HTML file
  • Place not more than 1 HTML file with the zip file, Only the first one will be selected and the rest ignored
  • If you have Images with starting with http:// or https:// These images will not downloaded and imported. They will be left as is.

Custom Headers

Custom Email Headers can be added at Email Service Provider Level as well as Individual Email Level. Custom headers at message level will take precedence over headers set at the message level.

Email Unsubscription

Create an Email

  1. To Create an email, Click on Emails > Emails
  2. Click on New Email
  3. Choose Promotional or Transactional depending on whether email is promotional or transactional ( See notes on promotional vs transactional )
  4. In case of promotional message, choose whether the sendout is Normal (Single), Split or A/B Test Sendout
  5. Choose name and Email Service  Provider for the email and Finish
../_images/email-create-1.png ../_images/email-create-2.png ../_images/email-create-3.png

Compose Email


The main components Email Editor inteface (Shown Above) are

  1. Email label that was selected during creation
  2. Design Panel, Here is where you compose and edit actual messages
  3. Email Settings, Here is where you tweak the acutal settings for the email sendout, This will be discussed below
  4. Email Schedule, Once you’re done composing the email, here is where you schedule the email, schedules are discussed in detail in the essentials section
  5. Message Tabs, In case of multi-message email, you can add upto 5 messages (Split, A/B Sendouts) or just a single message in case of a normal sendout
  6. Start button of setting up of the individual message