Domain Setup

Setting up your domain within the system will let us customize

  • Clickable links within messages
  • Image URL’s
  • Push notification domain from which permissions are requested

These apply for all the following message contexts within the system

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Web Push
  • Android Push
  • iOS Push
  • Surveys

Setting up the domain is a two step process.

  1. First go to your DNS Control panel and setup the custom domain entry as CNAME to
  2. Next, let us know what domains you’ve pointed in the account settings section.

Start by clicking on the Domain Settings on the navigation. This can be found under Account section of the navigation

Domain Settings in Menu

Save your domain names here. LivePinch will verify that these are correctly setup before these domains are put to use.

Domain Settings in Menu

Good examples for tracking domain names are


Good examples for web push notification domain names are


Make sure not to include protocols http:// or https:// in these forms.

Once you update the domain names, A verification process confirms that all these domains are setup up correcty. These domains are put to use immediately after this process.