Sendout Types

This document briefly describes all the bulk sendout options.

Normal Sendout

As the name suggests. Given a Target List and a message ( Email, SMS, Android Push Notifications, iOS Push Notifications, Web In App Notifications ), the message is sent to each profile in the target list, given the profile is able to recieve in through the channel and he has not opted out or bounced.

Split Sendout

Given a target list, and a set of messages. Each profile is randomly assigned one of the messages. By default an attempt is made to equally split the Target List between the messages. However, you can adjust what the split percentages should be from the message settings.

Segment Rules

A/B Sendout

Given a set of messages, A target list, Winner Rule (Clicks/Opens), and Initial Percentage. Messages are equally distributed to random subset of target list. The size of this subset is determined by the Intial Percentage setting. After a predefined Wait Period, Rule is evaluated, A winner message is selected and rest of recipients are sent the winner message.

Segment Rules