There are several options to schedule an outgoing message. These options apply to all channels. Schduling Flows will be discussed in its own section.

To schedule a message

  • Pick a target list
  • Select a schedule
  • Select a start date and time

Each of the above item is disccused here in more detail

Target List

Target for a message is a recipient list for the message to be sent to, In general a message can be addressed to

  1. Everyone (Both anonymous & known user profiles. See Profiles Section)
  2. Profile List (All known users)
  3. Segment ( See Segment Section for in depth discussion on segments )
  4. Triggered ( The recipient user performing the incoming event See Events for more details on events )

Below is a screenshot for dialog asking you to choose the target.



For bulk sendouts. There are several scheduling options. Here is a brief description of options available for scheduling messages.

  1. One Time. Scheduled Immediately or at a Later Date
  2. Recuring, with simple repeat after predefined duration. Optionally with stop rule.

3. Recurring, with specific days of the week. Optionally with stop rule. 3. Recurring, with specific days of the month. Optionally with stop rule.

There’s also triggered option, so you can trigger messages on occurrance of specific events optionally with with rules to match against the event. Below is a screen shop showing scheduling of triggered sendout.